Charles Schwab Aquires TD Ameritrade

Schwab's financial acquisition of TDAI closed in October 2020 and the integration has been in process for the past two years.  The full transition is scheduled to take place over Labor Day weekend, 2023.

What to Know

  • The transition will be seamless and simple;  Schwab will do all the work behind the scenes.

  • If you have not already established online access with TDA Advisorclient, please do so here to ensure your communication preferences are saved and to reduce paper mailings of statements and trade confirms.  If you have any trouble, feel free to contact our office for help.

  • Once the  transfer has occurred over Labor Day weekend 2023, clients will need to create a new log in with Charles Schwab and will no longer be able to log in to TD Ameritrade.

  • You will receive new Schwab account numbers and routing numbers after the transition.

  • The integration of TDAI and Charles Schwab will offer significant benefits through combined scale, complementary strengths and a shared passion for investors and traders.

  • Charles Schwab is known for their commitment to low pricing, industry leading technology and exceptional customer service.  Price improvements have already been made at TDAI after the acquisition and most clients will experience pricing that is the same or better after the transition.

Timeline of Events 


How will I know when my account is moving?

Schwab plans on transitioning accounts in groups on different dates.  They will alert you three months in advance either by email or mail based on your communication preferences on file.  You will receive additional communications with resources to help you prepare for your move.

How and where will I access my account after it transitions?

To access your account after it transitions, visit and log in using your Schwab Login ID and password.  Each person associated with the account must have their own Schwab Login ID and password.

For the full list of FAQ's visit the Schwab Frequently Asked Questions page.

Additional Resources 

Visit Schwab's welcome page to learn more and explore transition tutorials and guides.

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