Tax Preparation Options for 2016

Provided by William J. Prentice II, AWMA®, CFP®, CIMA®


The goal of Prentice Wealth Management is your financial success. For your convenience we would like to present the following options for your tax preparation. Prentice Wealth Management has no affiliation or financial arrangement with either of these options which are presented on a good faith basis only, without warranty or obligation.

Tax Forms:

Investment related tax documents such as consolidated 1099’s will not be mailed until late February. If you hold securities (usually mutual funds) that report undistributed capital gains, these gains will be reported on a 2439 form which will be mailed to clients at the end of March. IRA holders will not receive 2439s because the information is automatically reported to the IRS.

Critical items for tax preparation consultations include: a copy of previous year’s filing, income forms received, rental income, taxable capital gains, business & professional income, Form 1098 indicating mortgage interest paid, any student loan interest paid, charitable contributions and out of pocket medical costs.

Option 1: Professional Assistance at a Negotiated Discount

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We are pleased to continue our strategic relationship with kronergamble+company cpa, p.c. [kg+co]. kg+co is a full service public accounting firm with extensive experience in tax planning and tax compliance for individuals, business owners and those facing taxing agency inquires. With over 100 years combined experience, kg+co can help with all your tax needs, no matter how complex. We have arranged a 10% discount for PWM clients on 2015 tax compliance fees. Simply mention PWM when you provide your tax information to kg+co for the 10% discount. We invite you to visit or contact Christopher Gamble at 585.232.3190 or if you are interested in discussing how kg+co can help with your taxes.

Option 2: Do-it-Yourself with a Discount


For those who prefer to prepare their taxes at home, we’d like to make you aware of our discounted affiliate rate for TurboTax provided by TD Ameritrade Institutional. To access the discounted rate for TurboTax software visit the website at this link:

Thank you,

William J. Prentice II, AWMA®, CFP®, CIMA®

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